Lil Baby Feat. Future – Live Off My Closet

Lil Baby Feat. Future - Live Off My Closet 1

While Lil Baby‘s new album My Turn is still being streamed by the masses, many immediately found pleasure in the absolutely incendiary Future collaboration “Live Off My Closet.” A spiritual successor to last year’s “Out Da Mud,” this latest banger dials up the spook factor with an eerie trap banger from Twysted Genius, turning what might have been a fashionista’s fantasy into an opulent bourgeois fever dream.  ‘

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I got the jeweler, the moola
I go to Jerusalem, they callin’ me daddy
Pray to Young Pluto and kick it like judo
I’m flippin’ this money the fastest
Bitches in love with the kid, really fuck with the kid, they gon’ follow the protocol
Go out the country, smoke on the best bud, fuck on the best whores

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