Lil Baby – Forever Feat. Lil Wayne

Lil Baby - Forever Feat. Lil Wayne 1

Lil Baby - Forever Feat. Lil Wayne 2

Lil baby teams up with Lil Wayne making this their second collaboration of the year.  He has joined the club with his new album “My Turn” officially. It’s a good time to be alive. We’re only two months deep in 2020 and we’ve already received a plethora of new Lil Wayne music. Picking up where Funeral left off, Weezy makes a suitable counterpart to Baby (history repeating itself, perhaps) and snaps in typical fashion.


Pupils dilate, don’t judge me
I’m with a sex slave, she like rough D
I got a text straight from the plug, he said “There’s a drought”
I said “Funny”

Lil Baby - Forever feat. Lil Wayne (Official Audio)

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